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Welcome to the Chiropractic Clinic  at the Geoff Rees Fitness Centre in Ebbw Vale, South Wales.

We provide healthcare to the people of Ebbw Vale and the surrounding areas. Our location within a health club allows us to incorporate all areas of health, fitness, pain relief and general well-being.

The incorporation of these different areas of health, allows us to improve function and performance, promote rehabilitation, and educate patients so that we don't just get rid of pain, we help prevent it from coming back.

'Health' means different things to different people. Likewise, patients expectations and requirements vary. We pride ourselves on treating all our patients as individuals. We listen very carefully to their health concerns and formulate specific treatment plans in order to provide the best possible standard of care to that patient.

We treat patients of all ages, shapes and sizes. We treat patients from all walks of life, We treat top sports men/women, We treat both healthy and unhealthy individuals, WE SHOW NO PREJUDICE! Do not accept that pain is normal, Do not accept that 'nothing can be done'. Explore your options and Contact us 

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